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Connect Dodge County Broadband Survey

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Posted 11/20/19

Attention Dodge County Businesses and Citizens!

Dodge County is actively working to address the deficiencies in broadband (high speed internet) access that exists throughout Dodge County.
In today’s world there are a variety of everyday functions that rely on high speed internet service. Obtaining reliable, high speed internet service is no longer a want, but is now a need. In Dodge County, we see the need to improve high speed internet services to meet the needs of many private and public sectors. Such sectors include: agriculture, business attraction/expansion/retention, citizen and workforce attraction, education, health care, quality of life, and vitality of rural communities. Considering how critical high speed internet is to businesses, citizens, and local governments, it is becoming the infrastructure of the future.

Dodge County is taking action to address the high speed internet deficiencies in the region. To assist with this effort, County officials are collaborating with two service providers to develop potential solutions. The two service providers working with Dodge County are Bertram Communications and Netwurx Internet. The overall goal of this innovative partnership is to make high speed internet available to Dodge County businesses and residents, especially in the rural areas.

In order to help with the cost of the broadband infrastructure needed, Dodge County will apply for funds within the Public Service Commission’s Broadband Expansion Grant program. If awarded, grant funds will be used to expand infrastructure in Dodge County. To assist with the grant application, Dodge County is launching a countywide survey to get supporting data from businesses and citizens. Obtaining information from all stakeholders will help further identify problematic areas and provide primary data that will support future investments.

Please consider taking the short Connect Dodge County survey by December 6, 2019. You can find the survey at: https://dodge.connectwisconsin.com/

If you would like to supply additional support for this effort, you can submit a Letter of Support to the address listed above.
If you are not able to submit the online survey, you can contact staff at 920-386-3201 to request a paper survey. If you have any other questions or comments, you can contact us at broadband@co.dodge.wi.us. Thank you for your participation!