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Public Notices

Public notices are posted at the following locations:

Lomira Town Hall, Equity Livestock, Knowles Produce

Public Notice
Dodge County Unit of the Wisconsin Towns Association Meeting

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the Dodge County Unit of Wisconsin Towns Association on the evening of Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Dodge county Administration Building, 127 East Oak Street, Juneau, WI 53039.

Some or all of the Lomira Town Board may attend this meeting and act in their official capacity.

Dated: January 7, 2019
Sharon Belling, Clerk

Dog Notice

State Law requires that all dogs have current rabies vaccination. Dogs must be licensed by the TOWN OF LOMIRA. Before a license will be issued for any dog, proof of vaccination must be furnished to the Town Treasurer. Owners of dogs who do not comply with this statute will be referred to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution. The license deadline is April 1, or within 30 days of acquiring a dog. Residents of Mobile Homes and renters will not receive written notice of the requirement in the mail but are not relieved of the obligation imposed under this statute.

This statute will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. For licenses or information regarding them, including fees, contact the Town Treasurer, Marcia Valle, 920-948-8052.

Marcia Valle

Town of Lomira Treasurer

March 22, 2018